Our Intentions

• To enhance the physical, emotional and social well being of participating members through involvement in manual wheelchair sporting activities at all levels;

• To endeavour to offer a variety of sporting and recreational activities that will involve children with a disability, who can use a manual wheelchair. The sporting programs will provide opportunities for all participants to experience positive growth at physical, social and emotional levels through such activities. These activities will be agreed to in consultation with the coaching staff and recommendations of the members of the association;

• To provide manual sports wheelchairs and adaptive sporting equipment (or information on accessing these) for the use of members during the scheduled sporting and recreational program;

• To promote government and international policies of inclusion and participation of people with a disability in all aspects of life, as enshrined in the Disability Act 2006 (Victoria), The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD 2008) to which Australia is a signatory, and The National Disability Strategy (COAG) 2011;

• To assist children with a disability to connect with other children in their community, through sporting and recreation opportunities, by developing links with other associations and bodies who seek to promote sport and recreational activities for children through the use of manual wheelchairs;

• To raise community awareness of the capacity and desire of children with a physical disability to be included in all sport and recreational areas.

• To connect families and develop communities through wheelchair sports.

• To utilise the valuable resource of club members to promote Wheelchair Sports for Kids to broader community through its members’ networks and links to associations, groups and or companies that benefit children with disabilities.

• And to raise funds for all activities.

Our principles

The Association promotes the belief that all persons should have access to sporting and recreational opportunities, regardless of ability. Participant membership is open to any person aged 6 – 21 who has a physical disability, whose prime mode of mobility is a manual wheelchair. It is an association operated for the benefit of its members and as such, all members have a contribution to make towards the development of sporting and recreational activities that will benefit those who participate.


Wheelchair Sports for kids is about empowering children with a mobility disability to believe they can participate in sport and that sport is accessible to them, regardless of their disability. The unique environment offered by the association gives children with a disability the chance to be involved in sport and recreational activities, which will build self confidence, self esteem, capacity and empower them to participation in the wider community.

Cultural Sensitivity

Wheelchair Sports for Kids embraces the cultural differences of all members and visitors. Cultural sensitivity will apply when planning and facilitating programs. The Association does not practice discrimination of any kind.


Confidentiality of personal information and privacy will be respected, within the bounds of the law, of all persons who access the Association.


Adherence to the principles of inclusion, cultural sensitivity and respect for all others is essential to achieving the outcomes and goals of the Association. All members are expected to interact with common courtesy and treat each other in a way they would like to be treated. Disrespectful behaviour, in any form, will not be tolerated. (Refer to Rules).


Wheelchair Sports for Kids believes that flexibility is an important aspect in running and providing programs for children with disabilities. The Association strives always to be prepared to adapt programs around members’ needs.


Wheelchair Sports for Kids values the power of mentorship and the positive contribution this makes to a child’s confidence, sense of worth and personal development. The club encourages the opportunity for younger members to work along side and be guided by older members, as they develop leadership skills in mentoring and assisting younger members.